Before buying a new car we should know this following stA

  • Don’t buy those vehicle who is dis-continue after a few year.
  • Don’t buy those vehicle whose number of selling is reduce(less).
  • Don’t be attracted with offers on those vehicle who are being less number of sell.
  • Don’t be over-excited or over-reacted and don’t tell your extact budget to salesman.
  • Don’t invest your 100% budget on the car and save your (5-10)% money for used to putting new accessories like seat cover,floor mats,etc.
  • If you buy a lower varients then you should have put music system,Reverse camera, Parking Sensors,etc.
  • Before buying a car[Research about that car maintaince services,Each and every parts are easily available or not,check out the all maintainces cost, check out the all details about this car,Is the car company provided good service or not?After market parts are available or not?
  • Check out the all safety features provided on the car.check out the standard safety features first like ABS,EBD,ESC,Airbags,etc. These are the main safety features if these available we go for it.
  • Go to a long test drive Before buying a car And for sure go for a second time also and go test Drive in city area as well as in off-road for checking comfort.

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